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Anita's Advice

Did you know that organizations receive between 200 to 800+ applications for just one job? So, if you’re responding to a job ad, be sure to find another way to meet with someone in the organization.

If you think people in your organization may be laid off, begin planning for the worst-case-scenario. Update your resume. Network with everyone you know, learn about your job market, and have a plan about what you would do if you were laid off.

If you are in a job transition, you need to be in the marketplace daily. Statistics show that 80% of jobs are found through networking and direct contact; while only 20% of jobs are found through ads and search firms.

Persistence pays off in a job search. Today, it takes an average of 8 calls to be able to speak with the person you’re calling. So, be persistent when calling people to talk with them or make an appointment.

If you are moving into a new job, remember the culture of your new company may be very different from the company you left. As a part of learning about your job responsibilities, also learn about the culture and how the company expects people to work in your new organization.