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What can Anita do for me?

Anita can help you learn...

Establishing career goals allows you to be in charge of and manage your career in today’s turbulent marketplace.

  • Decide how you want to use your skills in the marketplace

How to manage your job search

Conducting a job search in today’s marketplace is a challenge; therefore
you will need to:

  • Develop job targets and a marketing plan
  • Create a winning resume
  • Develop a pitch to answer the dreaded question…”So tell me about yourself”
  • Use a proactive interviewing approach
  • Acquire salary negotiations skills
How to navigate your company's culture

Company culture is the values and working style of an organization. The “rules” are unwritten so it is up to you to quickly figure out how to succeed in your company’s culture if you want to be viewed as “fitting in.”

Identify what the culture in your company is

  • Do your work in a way that embraces the company’s way of doing things.
  • Position yourself for your next career move or…continue to grow in your
    current job.

How to achieve success in your career and job transition

Achieving success in your career and job transitions means you must:

  • Define your career goals
  • Find the “right position” to move towards your career goals
  • Be effective in the first 90 days of a new job

Perform well on the job and position yourself for:

  • Continued job growth
  • Your next career step