Career Coach FAQs

What are some of the reasons why I would choose
to work with a Career Coach?

For a job transition or preparing for a job transition:

  • You need a process to manage a daunting job search so you won’t
    feel overwhelmed.
  • You want to change career fields and don’t know how to position yourself.
  • You need a resume that will effectively position you in the marketplace.
  • You want to do more than just apply to ads when searching for a job.
  • You don’t know how to effectively interview.
  • You need guidance with salary negotiations.

For executive coaching and on the job coaching:

  • You want to know how you are perceived in the workplace.
  • You need to manage your boss more effectively.
  • You want to position yourself for your next job.
  • You don’t understand how to mange in your new corporate culture.
  • You want to be effective when there is a new boss or reorganization.
  • You want to to learn how to successfully navigate your organization’s culture.